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Keeping the minimalistic dreamer in mind, Isabella creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique and hand-painted with freedom and unpredictability, one of the many beauties of abstract art.


As a curious and carefree individual, Isabella is endlessly finding ways to express herself, which is why she has been drawn to the art world. 


Sculptural dimensions and minimalist concepts influence Isabella's artworks, offering captivating pieces that add dimension to any space. 



Each piece of art I have ever created, big or small, finished or unfinished, has fulfilled my endless desire to have that ‘new experience’ feeling.

From a young age, I have always been drawn to the art world, but it was during the peak of the 2020 global pandemic that I picked up my painting brushes again. I never had the time to be able to fulfil my artistic desire however, during this time and having spent long days isolating inside my home, I realised I had been given the free time I had been longing for. I wrote down what I wanted to achieve during this downtime, and of course, on the top of that list was to create creamy, dreamy artworks.

“Art, also known as a holiday for the mind”
- Isabella Lane

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